myMBA 商用英文會話

  • 為了您量身打造
  • 以有趣的課程內容幫助您輕鬆學習英文
  • 廣泛的詞彙,本書亦可做為準備多益之輔助教材
  • 簡明易懂的架構
  • 英文母語的專業作者
  • 物超所值

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  • Designed for you
  • Practical business English
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  • Comprehensive vocabulary
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  • 生涯規劃

    imageCompanies are demanding higher levels of English competence from their workers; sometimes English ability is necessary for higher level positions. can help you improve your English and rise to the next level.
  • 公司要求

    image Companies often require workers to have some basic level of English. There is no better way to meet your company's English requirement than by studying business English.

  • 國際語言

    image Overcome communication obstacles and smash through language barriers around the world using the international language of business - English. Meet new people, learn new ideas, find new markets, and make new investments.
  • 競爭優勢

    image Improve your competitive edge. Keep ahead of your business competition.  Learn how to communicate and express yourself with important partners, colleagues, and supervisors.
  • 不只是工作,還有娛樂

    imageAll work and no play does not have to apply to studying English. Use your English skills for social and entertainment occasions, improving communication with foreign friends and colleagues will increase your happiness.


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